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Peace Of Mind Is Within Your Reach

Service/Therapy Dog Training/ Coaching/Bio-Nutrition-Care

by J. Daryll Chester

Meet Daryll

Service/Therapy trainer & Nutrition Expert

 We have a long-term committed view to assisting in the protection and continuation of all applications of service dogs, Each program is the accumulation of 35+ years of experience, a highly experienced team of knowledgeable, dedicated animal lovers with an open-hearted commitment to helping people achieve their goals of independence, safety, and peace of mind. We have 254 operational dogs across 3 North American countries, and our K9's help achieves a difference in the lives of people in need.

With over 35 years of experience working with the best European breeders and training, then deploying multi-purpose operational dogs to numerous applications across the States we offer you an experience second to none.

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What I Specialize In

Selecting Pre-Approved puppy

Establish Holistic Healthcare

Creating A DIY Training Program

Teaching How To Get A Free Dog 

Personalized Trained Service Dogs


The Journey Towards Independence & Peace of Mind Begins on the Path of Proper Dog selection and Custom Training.

“To my surprise, other options are available for getting back to work and feeling safe in public. Having a young dog selected and trained to meet my needs, lifestyle, and living environment make a world of difference." 

- Cassie Collins

“"I just can't say enough about how great Daryll has been. Yesterday was 18 months to the day that our vet suggested that we prepare to put our beloved Rachel down. Now we are off the shots and she is eating with a passion never seen before..”

- Anne Quarterman

“.From time to time science, innovation and common sense come together to create new ways of doing the same old, same old. This company has created the future of service dogs and their care."

- Modern Dog Magazine

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