Amazing results...


"I wanted to thank you for your help. It isn't quite three weeks since we started Sandy's new diet and I have noticed a big improvement in her. Her coat is shinier and she actually lets me brush her now with out fuss. She seems to have more energy and looks like she is slimming down. Best of all she hasn't had one sebaceous cyst since changing her food to your whole food meals.

Once again thank you so much for your love and dedication to our "best friends."
-Sandy Komhyr


I couldn't be more pleased


'When my daughter’s dog Scarlet (6 -year-old Boston Terrier) was diagnosed with lymphoma over a year and a half ago, our whole family was devastated. The vet told us that she might have 4 or 5 months to live if we didn’t treat the cancer with chemotherapy and medication. He also told us that the treatment would cost about $3500 - $4500. We did not have the funds available for treatment to fight the cancer .I spent the next week searching the Internet for help. I was desperate to find a solution other than the only option that the vet was suggesting and the only solution that we thought we could afford: euthanasia.

To my surprise there are other options available to treat our dog as an alternative to the traditional chemotherapy and medication. One services and products that caught my eye was PNS Veterinary Prescriptive Nutrition program and meals. We asking for a few referrals, talking to Dr. Winters of the Small Animal Client of Beverly Hills and all check out well. We are so grateful to Pet Nutrition Systems and their VPN service. Nutrition is a powerful tool when used correctly and with direction from Daryll and his magic it will work for you.
-Cassie Collins


Absolutely Fabulous


"I just can't say enough about how great Pet Nutrition Systems has been. Yesterday was 6 months to the day that our vet suggested that we prepare to put our beloved Rachel down. The steroids and medicine was no longer managing her renal failure and she stopped eating. Now we are off the shots and she is eating with a passion never seen before. We didn't expect to see her eye draining go away, her coat color to get so rich and gums and teeth to turn so white. You save her life and my heart. Thank you so much! Your service is absolutely fabulous."
-Ann Quarterman


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May 2015

By far the best!

From time to time science, innovation and common sense come together to create new ground breaking ways of doing the same old, same old. Pet Nutrition Systems has created the future of pet food services and the systems  by which pet food should be prepared and purchased. Visit them at their website, ask for a consultation and take their Pet Health Challenge to see for yourself. They made believers of us. 


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​January 2014

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