Why Should You Have a Pet Nutrition Consultation?

We know that your pet's health is the result of the pet care and dietary choices you make; however, many pet owners don’t always know the ideal way to make the choices that are best for their pet companions. So often they will adopt someone else's system or practice which works for a while and then the health issue reassures leaving them ending up feeling frustrated once again. Making wise decisions is a lot easier when you can filter out extraneous information and develop a sensible perspective. A Pet Nutrition Systems consultation is a process created by James Daryll Chester that skillfully guides you toward becoming aware of the science of nutrition, how the nutrient-cell interaction work to support the genes and organ health, how immunity is dependent on proper dietary choices and how you may make better decisions regarding the choices you have in feeding your pet companions body, soul and mind. 


Dr. Barbara Royal is famous for asking "If I told you, as your vet., for $200 a month I could give you this pill which will increase the lifespan, the vitality, the overall health, rid allergies, and even decrease cancer, how many of you would buy this pill and give it to your pet? But it's not a pill, it's fresh food." She goes on to say the single most important health care decision you will make, for your pet, is the food you put in their bowl. Health conscious people, elite athletes, and those fighting disease know the power of personalized diets made from farm fresh produce, meats and herbs. 


An optimal nutritional state is important in managing a variety of inherited and other metabolic diseases as well as for maintaining a healthy immune system. Nutritional factors that play an important role in immune function include zinc, selenium and vitamin E, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), and linoleic acid. Deficiency of these compounds impairs both circulating (humoral) as well as cell-mediated immunity. Our custom blended formulations incorporate specific, the individualized dosage of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients, and symptom-oriented non-drug medicines (herbal, glandular, and homeopathic). Our formulations more closely match the metabolic and nutrient requirements of an individual pet than any Raw + supplementation programs diet. To receive/schedule your consultation first click and fill out the Health and Nutrition History Form (below) and then click the "Contact Us" tab to schedule your appointment or call us at 570.690.0338. Please allow us 48 hours to review your health & Nutrition History Form and any (optional) current blood test results you can provide (please email us your pets health history form & optional blood work to vpn@petnutritionsystems.com). 


CONSULTATION FEE:                              FREE

CUSTOM RECIPE:                                    $149  (Recipe is free if you purchase the food from our kitchen)

VETERINARY PRESCRIPTIVE RECIPES   $249  (Include analysis of Blood Test results & Health form)



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