The most noted studies regarding "Nutrient-Cell Interaction" have proven very valuable in teaching the pet health and nutrition industries how they should meet your pet companion's nutritional requirements.  These studies also have shown us how each nutrient works collectively with other nutrients to help cell repair and replication as well as satisfy all the genetic systems in your pet companions body.  Our nutritionists have been practicing these fundamentals since 1998.  Now Club O.N.E. allows you to create your pet companions diet and formulations. After you have activated your Organic Nutrition Express Membership, you will be given a complimentary pet nutrition consultation and a FREE recommendation for a base formulation. 


Anti-Aging Discovery - spinach, kale, and dandelion can make your pet feel and act younger. In this just-published new study, older adult dogs with the highest amounts of plasma lutein (spinach is the richest source of lutein in our diets) were shown to have longer telomeres on their blood cells (leukocytes) than those with lower lutein levels. Telomeres are well-known markers of aging: old cells have short telomeres while younger cells have longer telomeres, so getting more lutein in your diet appears to maintain your body's cells in a biologically younger state. And that's not all. "Older" short telomeres are also linked to increased diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Lutein is already known to be healthy for the eyes, and another recent study showed that it is the most powerful of all carotenoids for warding off cognitive decline as we get older. Lutein could very well be the next super-nutrient. Other super-sources of lutein are kale and dandelion greens which actually contain more lutein than spinach, but are not consumed as commonly. Other good sources of lutein include swiss chard, turnip greens, and watercress. Interestingly, this new study also has shown that zeaxanthin and vitamin C, kept telomeres longer.


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