Push Away Processed Pet Food:

The Degradation of Pet Food and the Struggle to Keep Your Pet Healthy.


Commercial Pet Food companies have caused a global pet health crisis and the American pet diet has been a source of controversy for years. The way Americans feed their pets —and the disastrous health problems that can often result--is debated on my pet blogs, magazines and radio shows. Yet, despite all the attention from the media and the scientific community, few studies have looked seriously at the mass-market forces underlying our modern day pet diet.


The commercial/industrial pet food industry is a force that produces edible commodities, an industry that far too often subverts our pet’s well-being instead of nourishing them. Turning industrial farm waste into a multi billion dollar pet food industry, marketing it has “Natural,” “Organic “ and/or “Complete and Balanced” is the method and diverting health side affects causes by this type of diet to the veterinary community is the result.

Tracing the commercial pet food industrial history from its roots in the early 20th century through to the present day, one must look at the role of technology, pet population growth, and economic factors that caused there to be a vet clinic at every corner.. In addition to providing new evidence linking broad-based dietary changes with negative health effects in the pet population being fed these processed foods, Pet Nutrition Systems gives your pet a realistic and innovative strategies which lead to a healthier pet with a much longer happier future. A fresh new look at pet nutrition as a base to better pet health is why we created our Organic Nutrition Express Club.  Club O.N.E. is an eye-opening approach to the NEW Pet Health and Wellness movement.  Healthy pet food that is as individual as your pet companions nutritional needs and health history is the new service and hand craft food made from locally farmed produce and meats is the product.


Pet Nutrition systems provides all the evidence anyone needs to understand the problems with our current food system and what to do about it. The O.N.E. Club is a compelling advancement for a more sustainable way to create diet plans, make pet food, support local farming and nutrition regime.  Sign-up today for your FREE 3 month membership and see how 12 weeks on our program will transform your pets over all wellness.