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Anti-oxidants are essential in combatting disease and aging. They are nature's way of fighting off potentially dangerous molecules in our body called free radicals. Every day tens of thousands of free radicals are generated in our body, causing cell damage that can lead to chronic and degenerative diseases. It is so important that we arm our pet's bodies with these powerful anti-oxidants to protect our cells and in turn protect our pet's over all health and wellness. As a pet parent, I am adamant on doing all I can do to protect all members of my family!
1. The amount of antioxidants in you pets body is directly proportional to the amount of time they are going to live.
2. Decrease the levels of harmful free radicals, increase their life span.
3. Keep their coat healthy.
4. Fight infection, virus, and harmful bacteria.
5. Help look and feel younger.
6. Maintain a normal weight.
7. Improve vision.
8. Improve appetite and digestion.
9. Help with gastritis.
10. Control inflammation and arthritis.
11. Protect health.
12. Keep joints flexible and healthy.
13. Maintain an overall state of good health and wellness.