More people are seeking “non-GMO” AND “organic” food than ever before.  Even though nearly a quarter of the USA population admit being confused about what GMOs actually are. (according to The Hartbeat blog, the newsletter of the Hartman Group)
Thirty three percent of all shoppers now seek foods labeled non-GMO and an additional twenty seven percent hunt for the organic label. The percentage of consumers who deliberately avoid GMOs is twicd as high as it was just 4 years ago, and growing like a stalk of genetically modified corn. In 2010, 14 percent of shoppers avoided them. Today, 33 percent avoid them. That growth rate is faster than any other Food trend change in recent time. 
Now pet owners are requiring the same GMO Free, non CAFO meat, no chemical additives and  no hormones used in the farmed meat used in their pet's food. Whole Foods Market decision to label GMOs in the products in their stores by 2018 was a big step and now the pet food industry needs to notice the moves made by some of the major food retailers.
 98% of all commercially made pet food contain both GMO produce and meat sourced from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) which are fed GMO feed. Pet owners no long want to feed their pet processed food laced meat filled with hormones, antibiotics, chemically and genetically modified produce. Stand up against GMO's for your whole family!


Watch why you and your pet companion should be GMO FREE.  

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