10 Herbs That Can Help Heal & Keep Your Pet Healthy. Contact us for more information on how 
                to use them in your pet's diet.

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Cilantro flushes mercury & other heavy metals from your pet's body. High mercury and other toxic mineral levels stress the heart and other important organs. These toxic minerals and metals come from the water, food, vaccines, flea & tick aids, pesticides, and other sources. Just 1/4 cup (for the average 50 lbs, dog) of ORGANIC CILANTRO a day for 10 days straight will help flush your pet's body of serious heavy metals that are nearly impossible to avoid in this generation. There are compounds in cilantro that mercury (and other heavy metals) binds to and then gets released through the urine as a natural chelation technique. The body cannot function properly w/ heavy metal accumulation and this is the cheapest way to solve it and release them from your pet!


For more information regarding the use of natural herbs to help rid your pet of deadly toxics contact us.