As a new year starts, we all have a tendency to find some type of New Year’s Resolution to latch onto. Pet owners are no different!


This year, instead of making that one statement that we all inevitable leave behind by the end of January, I challenge you to ask yourself this question instead. Are you truly doing all you can do to meet your pet's nutritional and health needs?


Pet Nutrition Systems has made it's name from helping pets recover from life threatening illness and disease by providing Nutraceutical Therapy formulations and individual hand made whole food recipes to help vet clinics and pet owners across the nation. Kidney Stones, Urinary Crystals, Siezures, Allergies, Organ Failure, Diabetes, UTI, Digestive Illness, Auto-immune Disease and Cancer are just a few of the ailment we successfully help your pets cure and/or manage. With the help of your vet, your pet's most current blood test, a free consultation and our Health & Nutrition History Form we will show you how proper nutrition (nutraceutical therapy) will help your pet's biological systems play a major role in healing of their body.  


As a part of our FaceBook community we are offering you and your pet(s) a special gift of a 3 month Trial Membership in the worlds premiere pet health club. Organic Nutrition Express is much more than a holististic, hand made whole food pet service. Our Veterinary Nutrition consultation services, individual Veterinary Prescriptive Nutrition diet plans, Breed Specific Diet plans,  Design Your Own Diet, rotation diet plans, auto -reordering and home delivery system are unequalled by any other pet health or commercial pet food company in the world. 


Does your current health care plan truly nourish your pet?

This question isn’t about whether or not you trust your vet., or what processed food he/she feeds is any good. This is about something far more profound. Is the food bio-available enough to help heal and maintain optimal health in the moment? Or does theirr daily pet health regime truly nourish who they are as individuals and what you want for them? Does the food you feed your pet  really help heal and maintain optimal health? If your answer is no… Or if you had to think a bit too long about the question… Then it’s time to stop feeding all processed pet food and treats. Take stock, think how most people are now eating non-processed and organic food and begin to focus on how you can nourish your pet's body, mind and soul all year long. We guarantee within 10 weeks on your new diet that you will see marked and measurable improvements in their health, wellness and appearance. 


A New Year’s Resolution often focuses on something we don’t have or a negative aspect we perceive about ourselves or our relationship (with our pet).

This automatically sets us up for failure as the universe tends to give us what we put out. If we look to the new year with a sense of lacking, we unintentionally attract those things that don’t truly serve us. However, if we look ahead with gratitude and love, the universe will gently guide us towards those things that serve us the most. This is why choosing it be proactive in feeding natural food that is meant to do nourish the body. Start with this a knowledge of veterinary nutrition, veterinary biology, the nutrient -cell/gene emteraction, how best to determine your pets individual needs, how to meet those needs, which combination of foods herbs and oils should be in the formulation, much of each ingredient is needed and who is best to make it for your pet. Begin to take care of your pet's physical, mental, and even at spiritual into consideration by incorporating the following ideas into their life.


Physical Pet Health Care:

  • Detox/Cleanse on a regular basis (twice a year).

  • Feed fresh, healthy whole foods that nourish my body and spirit ( free range meats, non-GMO vegetables, non-GMO fruits, fresh herbs and quality oils).

  • Exercise at least four times a week.

  • Take time to let you pet enjoy the company of other animals.

  • Consider massages and/or acupuncture treatments for your aging pets.

Mental Pet Health Care:

  • Have an attitude of gratitude towards your pet.

  • Join a pet activity club for pleasure.

  • Try teaching new things to your pet like a dog sport, animal therapy groups, disaster relief work. etc. 


Spiritual Pet Health Care:

  • Create a peaceful living and sleeping space that is comfortable for your pet.

  • Establish supportive connections (holistic veterinarian, animal healer, pet activity groups, O.N.E. Club ).

  • Strive to create balance in your pets family time, relationships with other animals, play, learning and rest.

  • Show you are passionate about your own life as well as having passion for your pet.


There is a gap between every action and reaction. So, as we approach the beginning of a new year, take a moment to pause. Let yourself steep in the gap of the unknown for a few moments. Then choose the best strategy that allows your life with your pet to nourish both you and your pet fully and completely.



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