Nutritional Consultation


Reasons To Have a Nutritional Consultation


Longevity and Quality of Life - Identify and satify objectives for maintaining vibrant health and achieving life extension.


Early Detection -  Early detection of nutritional imbalances throughout all systems of the body will help prevent many illnesses and offset disease. Once nutritional defciencies are detected we can create a diet plan to correct these imbalances, boost the immune system and help create balance in the body.


Nutritional Support for Seniors - Your pet companion's aging process can be significantly sped up or slowed down depending og it's diet. 


Reduced Obesity - Obesity is a condition caused by glandular malfunction, poor diet, weak metabolism, silent inflammation and emotional imbalances that can be corrected when the glands and metabolism are nutritionally evaluated and balanced.


Our Nutritional Evaluation allows us to meet you, hear about your pet's health and nutrition history and them recommend a diet design based on their unique nutritional requirements.  Our diet plans and custom made food are a blend of vitamin, mineral and antioxidants from locally farmed produce and meat. These natural nutrients act as a powerful sparkplug for your animals over all health and wellness. Each meal will help protect organs, feed cells and enhance the immune system.  


Custom-Blended Nutraceuticals


Nutraceutical Therapy is an individualized program of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients) that closely match the metabolic and nutrient requirements of your animal. This nutrient combination, is given orally in an easy to administer powder that is simply mixed with the animals food. These custom-blended nutrients eliminate the difficulties associated with administering multiple tablets and capsules. Nutraceutical Therapy offers the maximum effect by providing only what is precisely required. To achieve high quality and ensure purity of ingredients, this program has partnered with some of the country's top animal nutritionists, bionutritionist and local organic farmers.  Our invidualized meals are custom-blended, frozen and vacuum-sealed to order. (never premade and stored)  We offer unequalled bio-availability of the esstential nutrients, the best GMO free ingredients and freshness that is not to be found in comercially processed large-batch, fixed formulation bagged or canned food.


We welcome the opportunity to help you choose or formulate the appropriate diet for your individual animal. The selection of a highly nutritional life force food is the first step you can take which will help you achieve your health goals for your animals.


Diet workups include:

  • Food selection

  • Detox

  • Cleanse

  • Juice therapy

  • Healthy fresh food suggestions









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