Welcome to Pet Nutrition Systems. We’re here to help you keep your pet healthy by creating the best diet plans and most nutritous handmade whole food possible. PNS began as a regional provider of veterinary nutrition research, service dog health care provider, non-processed food services in southern California for more than 15 years ago.  We have established a reputation for quality service and a close personal style of doing business. To this day, veterinary nutrition research, holistic food preparation development, sustainable farming and nutraceutical services remain the mission of Pet Nutrition Systems.


Our Organic Nutrition Express Club is the leading service provider of essential, pre-clinical, post clinical and non-clinical diet planning, general animal diet planning and handmade whole food provider.  Our focus is providing customers with the best diagnostics, cost efficient dietary options, products and services to optimize the health and wellness of their pet companions. We understand the value of close relationships and collaboration with our customers and their vet. As important as good customer service and relationships are, though, it’s really all about excellence in formulating healthy diet plans, providing the best food to supply all the bio-nutritional needs,  using the best farming practices and the best techniques to assure fresh food from our kitchen to your door.


Today more than ever you need to have confidence in your pet food supplier partnerships. Stability, reliability, consistency, and quality are all essential. That’s what our Organic Nutrition Express service offers along with our passion for science and decades of proven expertise in both veterinary nutrition and nutraceutical thrapy services.


O.N.E. Club Services:

* Individualized Veterinary Prescriptive formulas designed to help the body fight or ward off a variety of illnesses, diseases, ailments 

* Assist members in technical matters relating to custom and standard diets and supplements

* Provide pet companion nutrition training support

* Prepare technical presentations as needed for members

* Rotation diet plans using fresh seasonal produce and complimentary protein sources

* Participate in quality assurance and continuous improvement programs

* Provide access to literature/studies in a variety of sciences for the opportunity to remain current (as it

   relates to diet and animal models of disease)


Nutritionist Qualifications:

* Formal training in a veterinary nutrition-field (Nutritional Sciences, Animal Sciences, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science/Chemistry,  Physiology)

* Master's degree in veterinary nutrition is preferred with nutrition research, diet design experience or relevant industry experience

* Nutrition research experience in fields of cancer, toxicology, immunology, diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disease and metabolic disease.

* Strong dietary problem solving abilities, impressive interpersonal skills, including providing excellent customer service

* Strong nutraceutical management skills with the ability to respond to multiple ailments in a timely and accurate manner

* Detail oriented with excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Experienced in assisting with DIY Home Recipes, diet plans including  kibble and whole food and ability to meet the financial budgets for all members.


Pet Nutrition Systems’ O.N.E. Club combines the best evolutionary steps in pet care service, nutraceutical service, culinary science and individual pet food service. For a limited time we are offering you a FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP to experience how we can make an measurable impact in the health and well being of your pets. Call us today to set-up your free enrollment consultation: 570.690.0338


Organic Nutrition Express Club

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