To fully benefit from being a client​ of Pet Nutrition Systems and best promote a high quality of life and wellness for your pet companion, it is very important that you understand our holistic approach to nutrition, disease prevention and management of illness.  PNS believes the best nutritional diet includes a combination of meeting the individual pets unique nutritional needs, supporting the genetic systems of the body, providing energy and the elimination of toxins.  We offer the best possible dietary options offering you recipes that you can make for yourself, formulations we hand make for you using the best hand picked non-GMO produce & meat from local farms with nothing added other than herbs and oils.


In a Holistic approach to pet nutrition, sub-clinical deviations in blood chemistry are related to physiological, metabolic and biochemical malfunctions. These malfunctions have been found to indicate specific nutritional deficiencies. This provides the basis for appropriate nutritional change in the formulation of our pet’s diet.

We often forget that food can have either a healing influence or a slow acting poisoning effect on our pets. We have all seen evidence of the damage caused by processed foods our pets can’t tolerate or are allergic to. The wrong foods can trigger and/or aggravate ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, skin & coat problems, autoimmune diseases, and organ disease. If you have a question on how to order, need help in selecting the right formulations or the quantity, go to the
CONTACT US page, fill out your info.  Please tell us your dog's weight, age, breed or mixture of breeds, health issue, name, and sex.  if you prefer to speak to us directly feel free to call us at  570-690-0338.  We are always delighted to assist pet owners who are interested in making the best nutritional choices for their beloved pet companion(s) in any way we can!

We welcome you and look forward to serving your pet companion as part of the Pet Nutrition Systems family!​​ 




Our Holistic Whole Food line is the industries first and only non-GMO, non processed handmade p food. Click above to read our program guide. ​

 Breed Specific Diets pay more attention to the unique nutrient differences between the individual ancestral requirements. Click above to read our BSD Guide.​

Veterinary Prescriptive diets are created in conjunction with your vet, our nutritionist and your pets health history. contact us for a consultation.  Click above to read our VPN Program Guide

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Cancellations and Return Policy

All orders are made individually per your order. We request a minimum of 24 hours prior to the food being made for any cancellations. There are no return policies or refunds any money paid for any food made specifically for your pet. All ingredients are tested for freshness, hand mixed hand molded, vacuum sealed, and wrapped in protective butcher paper to assure the product stays fresh from our kitchen to your door during the shipping process.  For more information speak to our customer service department.



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