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Meet Daryll

 Veterinary Nutritionist & Service Dog Specialist

(35 years of experience)

After a stellar 30-year career in Southern California with Beverly Hills' famous Pet Nutrition Systems and Amen-Ra Animal Behavior Clinic, Daryll has turned his sights to his first love of creating individually trained service/Therapy dogs for special needs individuals, mental health facilities, and elite corporate service dogs. In this effort, we hope to inspire other professional dog trainers, animal lovers, and pet owners to help those who can benefit from having a service dog. We help teach the professionals to build the skill set needed to train and be an advocate for service & therapy dog(s).

Even at first glance, you can tell there's something very special about Daryll's service dogs. Superior conformation, science-based healthcare and nutrition, easy-going temperament, athletic ability, and focused attention on being obedient are all exceptional no matter what breed is the standard. Each of Daryll's dogs or young puppies has steadfast character, clear minds, solid nerves, and most of all they are willing to work as a team member, This allows a handler to take his dog anywhere without fear of harm to himself or others around him. 


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Selecting Your Pre-Qualified Service Dog

The single most important factor to your success in finding, assimilating, training, certifying, and having longevity in service is the proper selection and early development of the proper puppy for you. Only 33% of all puppies specifically bred for service work qualify to enter a service or therapy dog program and only 42% of those prospects will pass their certification. If you are going to opt to train your own service dog rather than purchase a professionally trained service dog, time and the odds of success are not in your favor.  Let us help you properly select a young prospect for you. It will be critical to you reaching your goal. Our 30+ years of experience with brokers, breeders, and the best service dog trainers in the world give us access to litters and the pick of those qualified puppies. 

Our sourced service dogs are from the finest breeders in Europe. Each is selected for its high success in producing elite service dogs. The right puppy started in our early development programs makes it possible for Daryl to start molding the core skill set, behavior, temperament, etc needed to graduate at the top of their class. 

What is a service dog?

Service Dog: A dog that works for individuals who are either able-bodied or have disabilities needing assistance in one or more life-requiring functions. Service dogs are trained to perform a wide variety of tasks including but not limited to; pulling a wheelchair, bracing, retrieving, alerting to a medical crisis, providing assistance in a medical crisis, and/or helping manage PSTD symptoms.  

  • Service Dogs are professionally trained dogs that help mitigate many different types of disabilities.

  • Service Dogs can be trained to work with people who have power or manual wheelchairs, have balance issues, have various types of autism, need seizure alert or response, need to be alerted to other medical issues like low blood sugar, or have psychiatric disabilities. 

  • Service Dogs can help by retrieving dropped objects that are out of their person's reach, by pulling wheelchairs, opening and closing doors, turning light switches off and on, barking to indicate that help is needed, finding another person, and leading the person to the handler, assisting ambulatory person to walk by providing balance and counterbalance, providing deep pressure, and many other individual tasks as needed by a person with a disability. 

  • Service dog types include: Mobility Service Dog, Seizure Service Dog, Autism Service Dog, Diabetic Alert Service Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog, Service Dogs for Veterans with Military-related PTSD, and Medical Alert Service Dog. 

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