A healthy and proper functioning gut, for most pet companions, usually reflects a healthy and youthful outer appearance of the skin, eyes, coat, hair color, smell, etc… When one observes a dog and/or cat who has a healthy and shiny coat, we tend to assume that this pet is pretty healthy.


Since the majority of health issues centers around a strong/healthy immune system, the immune system resides mostly in the gut tissue, and gut and GI issues are reflected in the skin and coat, one can easily see how these go hand-in-hand and how proper nutrition is so important to the health of all.


When skin and coat problems in a pet go untreated or are ignored by the owner, the pet’s immune system can weaken during this time. A weakened immune system allows for the entrance/colonization of pathogenic bacteria and fungi into the body, yeast invasion, and systemic infection. Strengthening the immune system provides the health foundation on which everything can be built…once again….the best way, (and really the only natural way), to strengthen the immunity of the pet is through the eating of a species-specific whole food diet. Processed, denatured kibble is very hard on the GI tract, only 2% - 5% bio-available and too high in fiber content. This combination is rarely good for so many of the small breeds, toy breeds and over time has it affects many large breeds as well. 


The right combination of whole foods will provide those nutrients that the pet may have been missing in the diet, and which are required for a well-functioning gut, and healthy skin, coat and immune system.  As commercial pet foods tend to be high in fiber, which can irritate an already inflamed GI tract, the use of whole food diets and home-cooked foods are widely accepted for many dogs, since their fiber content can be controlled or reduced as needed.


The use of whole foods is an efficient and highly absorbable nutrition avenue to head down….here the nutrients are alive and functioning, (so to speak) and are delivered to the GI tract in their natural state… providing these living and functioning nutrients to your pets in this natural form, will allow the body to utilize these nutrients in the way they were meant to be used…to act with the body in their “complexed” state. The great thing about a whole food diet is that they retain their active live enzymes, natural antibiotics, The nutrient-cell interaction operates the why Mother Nature intended and GI tract doesn't have to work so hard to be naturally broken down and utilized the processed food.


Inflammation is a symptom of the disease which many times is based on the principle of toxic accumulation.  If foodstuffs are consumed and they are not broken down…so they can’t be utilized properly for energy…they accumulate and begin to break down “pathogenetically”.


Deficiency of n-3 and n-6 fats, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and minerals, such as zinc, which all play a significant role in maintaining a good immune system, may not only be a harbinger to the etiology of  gut and GI tract compromise, but may also be an important aspect to the onset of many skin and coat diseases, (i.e., dermatitis and seborrhea).


Keep your pet’s gut and GI tract healthy and his/her skin and coat will reflect it….non-absorption of nutrients due to a compromised GI tract, will not allow required nutrients to get into your pet and will deprive the coat of essential oils, vitamins, and  even trace minerals it requires in order to be and look healthy.

















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