Pet Nutrition Systems' Whole Food diet is the freshest most natural, wholesome, and healthy whole food of any pet food diet available. The ingredients for your custom/individual formulation have been carefully selected based on what your pet's unique nutritional requirements are, stage of growth, health history, breed (a mixture of breeds) and the season of the year. When you first make the conversion from kibble, canned food or dehydrated food your dog or cat may decide not to eat the diet. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the food...and it doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t like it! After all this is real food...made with truly fresh healthy GMO-free & CAFO free ingredients...meat, veggies, fruit, herbs...all the good stuff! Sometimes a texture, temperature, smell and stronger taste causes some cats and/or dogs to balk at the new healthier food. 


So why does your pet hesitate? There are different reasons for this situation. Dogs and cats are both pretty clever... I’m sure you’ll agree. They know how to manipulate and get exactly what they want. Your pet might be accustomed to the flavoring agents and fat sprays used to enhance palatability of it's kibble. It could also be a texture problem. Perhaps your dog is used to a hard crunchy kibble and is not familiar with the thawed consistency of the real meat and veggie loaf. If he was on a processed food diet before...he’s missing it. Not much different than a child wanting to eat cereal or a Happy Meal rather than a healthy home cooked meal! 


If your dog or cat decides not to eat their Pet Nutrition Systems food after completing the Transitional Feeding Program (over 95% of all dogs and 75% of all cats are successful when the owners follow this program as designed) there are several things you can do to resolve the issue: 


  • A very simple, yet very effective remedy is to put the dog on a one day fast. If there is a medical reason that prevents you from doing this, such as a dog with diabetes, then try my other solutions. Otherwise, it's perfectly fine to fast your pet for one day and it's even beneficial!


  • If you determine that it is a texture problem, then a possible solution is to feed the diet partially frozen. This will cool down the GI Tract and at the same time slow down the consumption of the diet. Consuming the diet too quickly may also be the cause of your dog’s distress. You’d be amazed at how many dogs love the when it’s served frozen. You may not like your dinner frozen...but many dogs do! 


  • It may also be a simple matter of adding an ingredient that your dog loves...such as a raw egg, powdered garlic, beef broth or even a little gravy to encourage him to eat the patty. A little bribery never hurts!


  • Here’s a training exercise that is also effective. Put the meal in front of your dog or cat and if they do not eat it after a few minutes remove the food and put it back in the refrigerator until the next meal. Don’t worry...he won’t starve! Do the same thing at the next meal. No treats in-between !!! After a few missed meals he will get the message and realize that if he eats the food he will not be hungry. Some of our customers have a hard time with this suggestion but my advice is to stick with it! 


If all these suggestions fail then I invite you to call Pet Nutrition Systems 1-570-690-0338 and our staff will set up a consultation call with me. I will help you through it.