Health problems don't happen overnight. They start off in silence then progress to subtle warning signs from scratching or chewing at their skin, hair loss, bad breath, behavior issues, GI distress, painful joints, weakness, etc. Its become easy to overlook or misdiagnose these signs. The key is, you shouldn't ignore these warning signs because your pet's body is telling them and you something is wrong and not fixing them early on is the reason why minor health problems can snowball into deadly diseases and cost you a lot of money. These are signs that your pet is lacking more than one nutrients for quite a long time.  The common veterinary term for this called nutritional deficient 


Depending on what nutrient or nutrients their body is lacking,  they may be exhibiting one or more warning signs. Now, the mistake most pet owners make is to go for short-term solutions, which is taking medications, supplements or switching to another process nutrient deficient food. Which can make the pet feel better temporarily. The body doesn't need medication! That only makes the pet's immune system even weaker most of the time. What their body really needs are the right nutrients in the correct amount coupled with the correct partnering nutrient which helps the deficient nutrient work in the body. Supplying the cells which complete the nutrient -cell interaction. That's the real solution!


The warning signs are telling you that your pet's body is starving for nutrients. and many pet owners and veterinarians don't know that your pet actually has nutritional deficiencies. They are looking at the tip of the iceberg - the symptom- and are trying to attack those symptoms when all along, there is really a root problem underneath that can easily be solved. And it goes unchecked. Another reason why these things go unchecked for so long for most pets is both vet and pet owners have bought into the marketing of processed food and the supplement industry's hype that there food and supplements are "complete & balanced" and are 100% bioavailable.  a  


Most pet owners do not make the right choice in their pet's bio-nutritional care until the warning signs escalate into raging alarm bells right in their faces. Most pet owners don't do things until its too late, cost allot to try to fix or things get really, really bad. This is the time 0ver 85% of our clients come to us. It doesn't have to be this way. We are going to show you how you can fix this, once and for all, or at least begin to take a huge step forward to solving this in your pet's life. 


There are also silent killers that have no warning signs, as well. The top silent killers today in dogs and cat is cancer. because it's so hard to notice it. 45% of all dogs over 5 get cancer and 85% of those over 8 years died from it. Kidney and Liver disease are other health issues that normally go undetected until the organs or in complete failure. Most studies show that these conditions could have been preventing through basic changes in bionutritional changes. 


Commercial pet food is formulated to meet the MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS when test outside of the body. Denatured food and supplements are on average 2% - 5% bioavailable inside the body of your pet. Which means no matter if the food was made from the best organic matter, after the manufacturing process and your dog or cat consume it at best they are receiving 5% of the daily requirements. This why our pets currently have up to a 45% short life span than the progeny just 50 years ago.  So the real question becomes how can you get the most amount of nutrients- the things your pet's body needs the most? We have even talked about macronutrients or how important it is to pair certain nutrients together to allow them to work best in the body…


We are looking at solving the very fundamental thing of supplying the broadest amount of bioavailable bionutrient to your pet and how best to do that. How to get the required minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and live enzymes into your pet's body to keep them healthy and live a long life. One of the least talked about deficiencies in processed foods is water. Water is the one vehicle for nutrients to get into the body. It hydrates the pet's body and gets nutrients into their body, unlike chewing kibble and drinking water after eating the processed food. Natural food. like meat, fruits and vegetables can be up to 75% water.  This explains why cats and now many dogs have urinary crystals, kidney stones and other dehydration issues like never before.  


Processed food used heat to make the kibble, canned or processed Raw food to extend shelf life and kill all food pathogens, the manufacturer has to expose the foods to extremely high heat, not to mention the preservatives, unhealthy fats and flavoring. Your pets are not getting as many nutrients as you think. (By law the nutrient levels of processed pet food can be measured and labeled prior to cooking.processing the food which means you are reading the before it was a kibble nutrient level not what's in the bag nutrient level) The nutrient value of processed food vs. Whole food is a very low fractional percentage and that includes canned and processed Raw pet food.


 Supplements are worse! Their true bioavailability to your pet is under 8%.  It's not about the brand of food you feed it's about the type of food your pet eats.  STOP feeding CRAP

food to your pet! 

C (carbohydrate in balanced)

R (refined protein)

A (artificial man made nutrients)

P (processed food)


The gut is the organ that breaks down and assimilates the food, absorbs the nutrients and passes those nutrients to the cells, the cells them feed the genes support organ function.  When your pet's body is trying to process denatured food, man-made supplements and other chemicals you will start to see GI and UTI distress. Eating the same food over and over again will lead to digestive problems, intestinal bowel disease, food intolerance and bloating.


Let us show you the benefits of feeding super whole foods that are potent with nutrients. Rich superfood, your pet will feel more satisfied eating less value, lose weight, heal its body naturally, boost the immune system, support organ function and rid the body of toxins. If after 12 weeks on our diet, your pet doesn't look better, smell better, have more energy, show better blood work and lose weight we will pay you to go back to its old diet. The key to our rotation diet plan of whole food is our high rate of nutrient absorption. It's not so much about the ingredients you feed it's about how many nutrients your pet's body can absorb. We formulate your pets individual diet based on its unique nutrient requirement and they use fresh seasonal foods to meet those requirements. This can not be duplicated with a one bag fits all dogs approach or a Raw food plus supplements approach.           


Pet Nutrition Systems was founded to help teach pet owners why nutrient deficiency is the main cause of pet health problems today and how through the use of fresh clean food, herbs and oils can solve and/or prevent many if not all of the common illness you visit the veterinarian or are constantly changing food for. We provide rotation diets of fresh non-processed seasonal foods so your pet's body has constant access to a buffet of bioavailable nutrients that they are silently starving for. 


Pet nutrition Systems is not here to promote one diet over another, we are here to show you how your pet's body uses food, what nutrients they need, how best to satisfy those needs and help you with all the misinformation out there on the web and marketing ploys from the synthetic supplement companies and processed food companies.  Raw food diets, grain free, dehydrated and other processed pet food diets are all trying to make you think that they can duplicate what real whole food can provide and do not talk about the need for variety in a diet. Its time to get real if you truly want better pet health and wellness give us a call and take advantage of our offer for free 3-month enrollment in our CLUB O.N.E. (organic nutrition express) food service. See what our partnering veterinarians and clients who came to us in desperation with the hope of help in healing their pets now know.