Pet Nutrition Systems provides in-depth, individualized nutritional and holistic dietary consultations for dogs and cats of all breeds, mixes, health issues and ages. Our consultations are performed via phone & email with practical steps you can implement for your pets to improve their health naturally.

Our Organic Nutrition Express members are provided nutritional strategies to help offset any nutritional deficiencies in the body that may be causing autoimmune disease, organ failure, digestive issue, etc and restore a balanced state of health. Whether your pet is currently healthy or not you should want to prevent future health issues by creating optimal health. 


Many of our new members come to us dealing with pet companions who are diagnosed with two or more health conditions. We understand your frustration with having to continually treat recurring symptoms that veterinarians have been unsuccessful in treating?  We help our clients to understand why this happening and how they can use nutrition to strengthen their pet's natural immune system, organ function, nerve structure, skeletal & muscular fitness and create digestive tract. 


O.N.E. members Begin by calling, emailing or call us to schedule a FREE Pet Nutrition Consultation, filling out our Pet Health & Nutrition Health Form (found below). Our staff will utilize it's 13 plus years of clinical experience to create a diet, nutraceutical therapy formulation and/or hand-crafted whole food meals using locally farmed non-GMO produce and organically fed livestock.   


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To order a consultation fill out the form below or call 570-690-0338


​How To Order Your Consultation​​​​​​​​​​

Once you fill out our Health & Nutrition History form (find the link below) in as much detail as possible. Send the completed Form to Once your paperwork has been received and reviewed you will receive a call or email from us to schedule a date and time for your consultation.  Upon receipt of your payment and you will receive a confirmation for your consultation.