Pet Nutrition Systems is a holistic pet nutrition center with a new perspective. Instead of waiting until your pet companions get sick, we encourage our clients to be proactive & commit to nutritional wellness care now. This consists of bi-annual consultations, reviewal of current blood work (depending on the pet's needs) to monitor organ function, and minimizing chemical exposure through high-quality whole food nutrition. While we do offer traditional breed specific and general formulations for all pets, Our members love that we customize each diet complete with formulations/recipes, a rotation of seasonal foods, a DIY homemade option or our kitchen's handmade whole food for each of their pets. PNS will work with your veterinarian to make nutrition a base of your pet health care plan. Together we will check immunity, cell replication, organ function, inflammation and overall health rather than just recommending a one formulated food fits all dogs diet. Our use of local organic and natural farms, veterinary bio-nutrition, and knowledge of the culinary arts to give our client's pets pain control, healing, and reduction of inflammation, relief from allergies, GI disorders, help with the treatment of cancer, organ failure and much more. Our heavy emphasis on organic whole food nutrition can alleviate many health issues. Our goal is to support each pet's health, immune systems, normal organ function and remedy all nutrient deficiencies while fighting any illness.  


There is a popular movement growing amongst people living with pet companions, the health care industry, and pet food providers. A movement which draws its base from veterinary science, holistic health care, zoology and a nutrition approach to medical intervention that is being called integrative nutrition.  People have seen the ill effects of commercially made fast food in their lives and are now starting to recognize the same toxins and poor nutritional quality processed foods resulting in chronic illness and life-threatening diseases.


 The proven science tells us that diseases originate from inflammation resulting from; poor genetics, poor quality or toxic foods, nutritional imbalances, the overuse of drugs and vaccines, environmental and household poisoning and relationship stress such as well as grief and loss. These factors referred to as ‚ "toxic Factor Syndrome” are the main culprits contributing to immune system suppression and disease development. The proper identification of these "toxic factors", the reduction in this " silent" inflammation and the nutritional support of existing imbalances result in a pathway for healing and increased longevity.


 Pet Nutrition Systems can help your animal detoxify, reduce inflammation, thereby setting the stage for healing.      Our unique evaluation programs provide an individualized or a customized program, which acts as a spark plug for your animal's body and immune system.


 Pet Nutrition Systems creates individualized pet diets and the best handmade foods, but more than that, we are heralds of a forgotten time, bringers of old world farming, butcher market/catering service, and purveyors of more vibrant and healthy life for our client's pets. Pet Nutrition Systems brings you our NEW O.N.E. Club. (Organic  Nutrition Express Club)  ONE Club offers you nutraceutical therapy formulations, breed specific diets, individualize diets and allow you to create your own recipe(s).


 Pet Nutrition Systems new kitchen is a part of a local old school sustainable farm community, Culinary arts innovators and integrative veterinary nutrition science partnership which come together to create the best nutritional plans and hand made pet food created.  (GMO-free, free range,, hormone free and limited antibiotic  meat sources)


Nutraceutical therapist focuses on how to use technology, nutrient-gene interaction and prescriptive diets to prevent our pets from getting sick and keeping them well. Nutrition is used to metabolically tune up the organs, support the genetic systems, takes care of autoimmune complexes and helps the body on a cellular level. This is how the body is meant to use food as a healing agent.


Each pet has its own unique nutritional requirements. The use of nutrients based upon these individual needs gives the body the fuel it needs to achieve homeostasis and when homeostasis is achieved we generate healing and management of optimal health.


We are offering you a FREE Trial Membership (3 months) in our Organic Nutrition Express Club. See for yourself the health and nutritional benefits we can provide your pet. Please fill out the Health & Nutrition History form, schedule your free consultation and let us show you how easy it is to improve your pet's quality of life.   


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