As each decade passes, people have gottten more used to feeding processed food that contains no life-force and no life-supporting qualities. (regardless what the advertisements might say) Using heat to make kibble or canned food destroys all of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) in food and denatures the protein. Over 95% of the Frozen meals (RAW and/or BARF) in our supermarkets contain Genetically Modified food and many other fillers that have a negative effect on health. Intensive farming practices have depleted the soil resulting in fewer vitamins and minerals in our fruits and vegetables. Like kibble, and canned food some of the frozen foods our dogs and cats eat is super-heated and compressed.


The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are the tools our bodies – human, dog, cat; in fact any ‘body’- uses to repair itself. If the hot water heater man came to fix your water heater and didn’t bring his tools he wouldn’t be able to fix it. In fact, if he didn’t bring a complete set of tools and your water heater needed a specific part, he still wouldn’t be able to fix your machine.  Just as insufficeint nutrients can’t fuel the cells to keep the genetic systems healthy  the water heater man without a complete set of tools can not make the water system function properly!


Now add the toxins our pets are constantly exposed to in their food, lawn weed killers, flea killer, vaccines and medications, etc... Without a diet plan to cleanse and support the liver, kidney and immune system it is a matter of when not if your pet will get sick.


* Share this with your friends who have pets so they also understand why we have so much cancer in our pets. Education and changing our daily habits is the only way to lower the incidence. Pet Nutrition Systems has been using the principles of healing whole food and herbs for pets for over 2 decades and has the best veterinary prescriptive nutrition service for you, your pets and your vet to help treat cancer. When you hear people claim that dogs and cats don't need certain fruits and vegetables to stay healthy they are dead wrong, don't understand veterinary nutrition and do not understand that it is all about the balance of ingredients to preform the function of body healing.


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