If you believe there is an important link between the quality of the food your pet eats and the quality of their life, you are part of this movement. Toxic food is fueling epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ill health, and environmental destruction. Join the Food Revolution Network to get insights you can trust, and support you can use, from some of the top food experts on the planet.


Let’s face it, we have a toxic food culture. Big processed pet food companies are contaminating our pet's food with pesticides, growth hormones, GMOs and chemicals. They want to sell you a bunch of food that is marketed as being whole and organic and their balance sheets don’t care if your pet winds up sick or obese so long as their profits are rising.


The demand is growing for feeding fresh whole foods that are organic, sustainable, fair trade, GMO-free, CAFO free,  and minimally or non-processed. In cities around the world, we’re seeing more and more farmer’s markets (a nearly three-fold increase in the last decade), and more young people getting back into farming. Grocery stores (even big national chains) are displaying local, natural and organic foods with pride. This pet food movements for healthy pet food are taking the same concepts and applying this growing fast health conscious principles and providing an alternative to processed pet food.


The Vitality Of Real Food

Each living being (humans, cats, dogs) is born with a set amount of the vital force, which is spent and accumulated according to how they live and eat. The passage of time and its effect on physical bodies is an inescapable part of aging. However, some sicken and age quickly and others do so quite slowly. While part of that disparity is genetic, science has proven a much larger part is due to the life long effect of diet and lifestyle, and especially diet. You can raise vitality levels by adding to and changing dietary components!


2. Raising the dietary vitality level, providing nutritional support for weak functions, and compensating for ecological stressors causes disharmonies (also commonly called diseases) to disappear. A disease is a disturbance and a blockage in the universal life force. When that disturbance is soothed and the blockage removed, which is finally a function of body-wisdom, the disease disappears as if it had been a mirage. When the vitality level rises diseases disappear.


3. When you provide a program of high vitality, safe, balanced, synergistic natural products you will see miracles of health and healing.


4. To optimize the vital force, you must design the highest quality superfoods and state-of-the-art nutrients to counter the effects of aging, drugs, pathological states, and especially vaccines. 


5. Living organisms are physio-spiritual geniuses. The potential includes much more than just being free from physical disease. When you provide high-quality whole food-based materials, biological harmony, effervescent sparkle, and spiritual clarity generate as a natural consequence of fulfilling the requirements for a high vitality life. 


High vitality foods offer optimal bio-availability and are genuine nutrition, not man-made chemical supplements. They are the agents of natural vitality, strengthening the immune system, the emotional tone,  and calms the nerves & mind.


The Importance Of Live Enzymes In Your Pet’s Diet

Incontrovertible evidence that has been around for 65 years is now being brought forth and substantiated by mainstream authorities that the determining factor of health and long life may correspond to one simple condition: blood toxicity. 

You may think of toxins or poisons as being substances like arsenic, or cyanide, or bug sprays, As every good nutritionist knows, there are many levels and types of toxins. The best ones kill you the slowest and are undetectable. So let's consider the slowest toxins of all: the food we feed our pets.

Most modern processed pet food in which the American pet diet comprises is poison. Why do I say that? A good poison will block the flow of blood, decrease the amount of oxygen to the tissues, interfere with one or more major systems of the body, actually cause addiction to the poison itself, and eventually kill the subject. No poison in history has achieved these goals on the scale that processed pet food has. 

Food processing has only been around for about the last 80 years or so. And it's only been really effective for about the last 50. Food processing came about mainly during wartime when we had to figure out how to transport large quantities of food to the soldiers without spoiling on the way. After the war, the techniques that had been learned were applied to the grocery business. The industry found out that the more enzymes they could remove from the food, the longer it lasted. If that meant that they were also removing most or all of the nutrition from the food, hey, too bad. They weren't in the health business; this was the Shelf-Life business. 


When it comes to our bodies, there are at least 45 essential nutrients that the body needs to carry out normal bodily functions - and likely more when you include all the vital trace minerals. "Essential" means that the body cannot manufacture them and they must come from outside sources.

The proper metabolic function requires at least 13 kinds of vitamins and 20 kinds of minerals, in addition to fats, carbohydrates, and water. All of these items combine to ensure that when food is consumed it gets broken down to its basic component parts for absorption and then is transported by the bloodstream throughout the body.

The goal is to design an individual diet of rotational seasonal foods that have the right amount of nutrients, including enzymes, working together with each other and act as catalysts to promote absorption and assimilation. Without live digestive enzymes, the body cannot absorb nutrients in food which are not properly broken down. Denatured processed food are not bioavailable and your pet's body has a hard time digesting them.  


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